The vote for the 2024 Board of Trustees was held on December 18th 2023 at 8am.  The following people were voted into their roles for the 2024 calendar year:

President: Tez Roro
Vice President: Amanda Fleissner
Treasurer: Mark Yecies
Secretary: Brynne Tillman

For members of the Board of Trustees:

Adam Wolf
Paul M. Petigrow
Bill Johnson
Arnon Amir
Evan Nass
Mark Brinn
Sally Malech
Susan McCartney
Tedros Negasi
Ken Baris
Roger Schneider
Dr. Ron Silikovitz
David Worrall
Rick Brill
Joy Reyes Moton
Cherry Hernandez
Kelly Saunders
Sam Gornish
Edith Postel
John Mitrano

In attendance was

In attendace: David Worrall, Mark Brinn, Mark Yecies, Sally Malech, Brynne Tillman, Bill Johnson, Susan McCartney, Amanda Fleissner, Tez Roro, Roger Schnieder, Georgia Simoes and Edie Postel.  

All members in attendance voted in favor of the nominated people.

Additional by proxy votes in favor were emailed by Paul Petigrow, Evan Nass, Adam Wolf, Rick Brill, Cherry Hernandez, Lynette Huggins and  Jeanette Lauture