Together we advocate for better opportunities

Providing resources that can’t be found anywhere else

Our mission is to create and promote a climate where businesses operate in a productive and profitable manner. From acting as an advocate for business interests, to providing opportunities to network, the WOCC is here to help you.


We provide you with the tools to sharpen and enhance your business skills. With monthly business workshops, speaking panels and one on one consultations, our members can broaden their knowledge in areas of marketing, operations and more.


Chambers of commerce in the 21st Century are the marketplace for business networking. Over 20 million businesses worldwide are members of local chambers of commerce. We provide a supportive space to build relationships.


We work hard to gain exposure for your business. Between media outreach, sponsorship opportunities & added web presence, the WOCC is here to help. We connect you with local media outlets & offer personalized social audits to help expand your reach.

Personal Growth

Beyond business, we offer you the opportunity to lead. By joining the board of directors and committees, you can see the direct impact of your work on the community.


You’ve chosen a path. Now make the journey so much easier through the benefits of membership.


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