Resources and Contacts

Planning and Development

Geniece Gary-Adams

Zoning Official

Phone (973) 325-4119

Fax (973)325-3959

The first stop on your journey to opening a business in West Orange. 

Once you have secured the specific location of operations, Geniece will help determine if that location is approved for your intended use.

New Business Application:

Generally takes up to 10 days from application for response

Building Department

Thomas Tracey

Construction Official

Tel:  (973) 325-4114

Fax: (973) 325- 3959

Oversees any construction that needs a permit, inspections, CCOs

CCO Application:

Department of Health

Michael A. Fonzino

Director of Health & Welfare

Phone: 973-325-4123

Fax: 973-325-4005

Food licensing, in addition to massage, tanning, body art in medical offices, kennels and boarding facilities and public bathing facilities. Once the zone is approved for the intended use, they can receive their license, short of any planning reviews.

The application is not online. By law they will respond within 30 days.

An inspection is required before opening.  

The clerk’s office handles liquor licenses, but the health department will do the inspections.

Downtown West Orange Alliance

Megan Brill

Executive Director

Phone: 973-325-4109

fax: 973-669-8627

Covers commercial businesses from the Valley to Eagle Rock Ave.  They help business owners with promotions to encourage business growth and offer business guidance and assistance.  There is a fee associated with membership that is rolled back into the community.

John Wayman Henry III

Chairman of Economic Development



Helps look at the overall economics of the town and finds entities that will make investments into the township.  Depending on what your business is, you may want to see if being next to or near one of these businesses will benefit you. Reach out prior to opening to make sure you are aware of any future developments that may impact your business.

James P. Abbott

Director of Staff Operations

Tel: (973) 325-4030

Fax: (973) 669-5504

Point of contact that can connect you with the right person if you are unsure of who to contact.  Can assist in keeping conversations and projects going at a proper pace.


The WOCC creates and promotes a climate where businesses operate in a productive and profitable manner. From acting as an advocate for business interests, to providing opportunities for education and to network, the WOCC is here to help you.


Offer an incentive to residents to shop with your business.  A percentage of each sale is deducted from their real estate taxes.